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CSPC WEISHENG PHARMACEUTICAL (SHIJIAZHUANG) CO., LTD. was founded on May 18, 1994, and its manufacturing plant was formally put into operation in early 1996. It is a foreign-funded pharmaceutical enterprise invested and built by CSPC Pharmaceutical Group. At present, the company boasts total assets of RMB3.5 billion, covers a total area of 226,000 m2, and hires more than 1,400 active employees, with its annual production capacity of Vitamin C series products reaching 50,000 tons.

The company’s predecessor was one of the earliest manufacturers of vitamin C in China, with a history of more than 40 years of development. The "two-step fermentation" process adopted by the company was developed by its scientists and researchers team. After significant technical transformation, it is the most advanced production process at present.

The company mainly manufactures more than twenty varieties of vitamin C and related products, including Vc sodium, Vc calcium, Vc coating and Vc granules, which are widely used in medicine, food, feed and health products. 80% of the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc., occupying a dominant position in the global VC industry and enjoying a high reputation.

For many years, the company has been awarded the titles of "Top Foreign Exchange Earner", "Top Tax Payer" and "Excellent Foreign-Funded Enterprise" in Shijiazhuang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, and  has been recognized as "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Advanced Export Enterprise of Foreign-Invested Products", "China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises", and "Top 5 Export Enterprise of Raw Materials for Western Medicines in China in 2008".

Over the years, the company has attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D of new varieties, continuously increasing R&D investment, strengthening the construction of the R&D system and improving R&D capabilities. At present, the company has built a special R&D center, invested nearly RMB10 million in 2008 to build a new R&D laboratory building, which is dedicated to the research and development of vitamin C derivatives, highly processed products and new dosage forms. There are a number of specialized laboratories for fermentation strain research, preparation research, organic synthesis, chemical analysis, etc. The company is also equipped with pilot workshops and pilot production lines in clean areas that meet GMP requirements, completing a more mature "R&D to production" transformation platform. The R&D center has been recognized as the "Enterprise Technology Center in Shijiazhuang" and "Hebei Engineering & Technology Research Center for Nutrition Fortification". The company’s cumulative R&D investment has reached RMB130 million in the past 3 years. There are more than 200 technical R&D personnel, including nearly 100 full-time R&D staff, 90% of whom have obtained  bachelor's degrees or above. After years of accumulation, a positive, dynamic and creative scientific research team is formed.

Safety management is also the top priority of the company, and the company pays special attention to the formation of a safety management team. There are 38 full-time and part-time safety management personnel and 3 full-time occupational health management personnel. The safety management personnel possess high professional and technical levels, 9 of them are registered safety engineers. The company's safety management focuses on the identification and control of potential hazards, carries out daily inspections and notifications, and immediate rectification of the problems identified. Additionally, a full-time fire brigade has been set up with 13 full-time firefighters, and 2 fire engines equipped with special fire control equipment such as chemical-proof suits, respirators and fire-proof heat insulation suits, providing effective support for the company's emergency response. The company was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Work Safety Entity in 2016" by Shijiazhuang Municipal Work Safety Committee, and the person in charge of the company was awarded the title of "Advanced Safety Management Individual in 2017 in Shijiazhuang".

The company always adheres to the principle of "quality first", takes "conformance to pharmacopoeia and pursuit of excellence" as its quality policy, strictly implements GMP management specifications, establishes a comprehensive quality management system, and forms a set of standardized supervision and inspection mechanism. In May 2008, the company successfully passed the German GMP on-site inspection, becoming the first vitamin API enterprise to pass the certification, and passed the following re-examinations three times in a row. In February 2010 and November 2013, the company successfully passed two consecutive on-site inspection by the US FDA, laying the foundation for entering the high-end pharmaceutical market in the United States. At the same time, the company has also passed a series of certifications, including China GMP, Japan GMP, ISO9001, BRC, and HACCP and other management system certifications, in order to improve its quality management and explore the global market.

In order to create a more harmonious living environment, the company insists on the working policy of "Prevention First and Integrating Prevention and Treatment", and continuously increases the investment in environmental protection, with a total investment of RMB300 million  for environmental protection construction and process upgrading and transformation. The company has established an institution for professional environmental protection – the Environmental Protection Center, with more than 30 full-time personnel engaged in the company's environmental protection work, and implemented a complete professional, scientific and standardized management process.

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