About Us

About Us

All for better medicine
All for a healthier world

Our Mission

Core values
guide our actions

Openness and Inclusiveness

Openness and Inclusiveness

We always maintain curiosity for the world.

We are always curious and exploring new scientific areas, maintaining a global vision and a pluralistic mindset to embrace the changing world, keeping up with the times and breaking with all preconceptions. We insist on criticism and self-reflection, establishing a scientific and inclusive innovation mechanism to encourage diversified thinking and cooperative work, and by putting our minds together, we strive for enormous progress.

Harmony and Friendship

Harmony and Friendship

Harmony is our inner development philosophy

We are making friends with people all around the world. We maintain a grateful mind and never forget to give back to the community through charity. We are united and friendly to each other. We live in harmony, caring for others and creating a congenial workplace. We respect life, the universe and nature, upholding a complementary worldview of man and nature, with the greatest benevolence which is all encompassing and harmonious.

Diligence and Pragmatism

Diligence and Pragmatism

Excellent details and quality are our eternal pursuit

We consider diligence as incessant learning, continuous thinking, persistent inquiry and repeated practices. We are constantly perfecting details, relentlessly insisting on quality and pursuit of excellence. We also insist on practicality, simplicity and efficiency in all our work, and avoid all unnecessary formalities and empty rhetoric. Our higher-ups lead the subordinates in work to accomplish tasks with dedication and perseverance.

Justice and Integrity

Justice and Integrity

Justice and Integrity are our attitude towards life.

We advocate impartiality and fairness in dealing with people and businesses, creating a fair and just environment and an open and upright organization. We keep our promises and put our words into actions, and we put trust on people with sincerity at heart.

Teamwork and Sharing

Teamwork and Sharing

Collective strength is the key to conquer all the difficulties.

We insist on solving problems by teamwork and promoting the sustainable growth of the organization. We insist on pursuing morality as well as profit through internal and external collaboration, realizing common good and prosperity with our clients, shareholders and the community.

64 billion yuan

Total asset

28000 +


10 +


production base

100 +

Product sales area


Products’ sales scale exceeds 100 million RMB

About CSPC

CSPC was established in 1997. Since the very beginning, CSPC has taken “All for better medicine, all for a healthier world” as its corporate mission. In all aspects of development, procurement, production and distribution, we are committed to ensuring the health of people by creating high-quality, effective, reliable, and innovative drugs that meet the needs of society.

Every tablet contains our faith.

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