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CSPC OUYI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise focusing on internationalization and industrialization of new products, with a total plant area of about 230,667 m2, employing about 3,000 active employees. The company's production range covers seven therapeutic area, with over 400 preparations and over 20 chemically synthesized APIs. The plant is equipped with internationally advanced automated production lines such as "Bosch", "Fette", "Uhlmann”, "GEA", and "IMA”, with a total annual production capacity of 15 billion tablets of solid preparations and a total annual production capacity of 1,500 tons of APIs. The main preparation products include Xuanning, Oulaining, Duomeisu, Keaili and Qixiao; the main APIs include azithromycin, indomethacin, levamlodipine maleate, tramadol hydrochloride and imatine mesylate. 

Ouyi Pharmaceutical has established a sound three-level quality management system. All production lines have passed the latest GMP certification, 3 workshops have passed the US FDA certification with "zero defects", 7 workshops have passed the official certifications by WHO, Colombia, Peru, etc., and have obtained a total of 3 CEP certificates and 4 DMF registration numbers. Moreover, 10 products have been launched in the US market; 61 products (including azithromycin tablets and tramadol hydrochloride tablets) and 83 product specifications have passed the consistency evaluation of generic drug quality and efficacy. 

The company has established comprehensive secondary and tertiary R&D institutions, equipped with internationally advanced large-scale analytical instruments. It boasts a complete set of equipment required for a complete three-level R&D platform of lab-scale, pilot-scale and scale-up production, 71 authorized invention patents, one PCT international application and one "well-known trademark in China". In recent years, the new products developed by the company have been launched successively, among which Oulaining, Xuanning, Ouyi, Weihong, Qingre Jiedu soft capsule and Gubang have achieved good economic benefits. Qingre Jiedu soft capsule has been listed as a traditional Chinese medicine protected by the state.

The company has a nationwide sales network. Its core products, including Ouyi, Weihong, Qimaite, Gubang, Cephradine, and Norfloxacin, enjoy the largest market share among similar varieties of products in China, and the products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Japan. At present, the company has become the designated production enterprise for prominent buyers including the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. 

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "All for good medicine, all for mankind’s health", practice the manufacturing concept of "Precise, Refined, Pragmatic and Expeditious Manufacturing, with Craftsmanship and High Quality", and contribute to the society with more high-quality innovative products!

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