CSPC Attended Tiantan International Stroke Conference

August 01, 2023

Recently, the 9th Annual Scientific Session of the Chinese Stroke Association & TISC was successfully held in Beijing. During the conference, activities such as the Future Stroke Leaders Forum and the NBP Noon Satellite Meeting, supported and organized by CSPC, were also held at the same time. More than 700 experts in the field of stroke attended the conference and exchanged the most cutting-edge scientific research results and clinical information in the industry through various forms.

Liu Liping and Xiong Yunyun of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University, chaired the first session of the Future Stroke Leaders Forum. Prof. Bruce Campbell of Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne, UK; Prof. Bijoy Menon of University of Calgary, Canada, Prof. Marc Fisher of Harvard University, President of the International Stroke Society and Prof. Wuwei Feng of Duke University School of Medicine, USA, delivered keynote reports on Advances in Reperfusion Therapy, ACT Research, Stroke Imaging and Neuromodulation as Adjunctive Therapy in the Acute Phase of Stroke: Fantasy or Possibility? 

The Forum's second session was a debate on " Who is the king of thrombolysis ". Prof. David Wang of the Barrow Neurological Institute of Neurology of St. Joseph Medical Center served as the moderator, Liu Liping of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University served as the referee, and 8 young experts from all over China debated on the topic of "whether TNK is the most preferred thrombolytic drug at present" as the affirmative and negative debaters, conveying the advantages of the clinical use and therapeutic concepts of TNK.

The third session of the Forum was a special session of TRACE-III project, chaired by Prof. Xiong Yunyun of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University. The TRACE-III study is by far the late-window thrombolytic therapy study with the largest sample size in China. Prof. Xiong Yunyun interpreted the TRACE-III study protocol, elaborated on the current progress of the study, shared the differences in study design between TRACE-III and the late-window TIMELESS trial, and pointed out the clinical value of this trial.

Du Chunying of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University shared the progress of the project and the quality of the data with the investigators and shared the milestones of the study process, such as the enrollment of 100 cases and the launch of the sub-center.

During the period, Directors Wang Ziran and Wang Hao of Linyi People's Hospital, Director Wang Lihua of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and Director Dai Hongguo of Linfen Central Hospital shared their experience as representatives of excellent sub-centers.

In addition, the "2023 Red Bracelet Science Popularization Maker Competition" initiated by the Chinese Stroke Association was launched at the opening ceremony, attended by Prof. Lu Dehong, Vice President of the Chinese Stroke Association, Professor Xu Anding, Vice President of the Chinese Stroke Association, Xu Yuming, Executive Director of the Chinese Stroke Association and Secretary-General of the Red Bracelet Volunteer Service Corps, and Tian Junqi, Director and Executive President of CSPC on behalf of the Company.

The competition will call for works from the public from June to December 2023, focusing on the theme of "Brainstorming, Science and Technology for Health", aiming to encourage medical staff to actively participate in the "Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases" and improve the health education service capabilities of participants. 

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