CSPC Selected into Top 25 Global Pharmaceutical Companies by R&D Pipeline Size

July 17, 2023

Recently, Citeline, a subsidiary of Norstella, whose business covers the world's leading drugs, medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials and market think tanks, released the Pharma R&D Annual Review 2023. Based on a comprehensive assessment of pipeline size, pharmaceutical companies' R&D scale and progress, therapeutic areas and drug types and other dimensions, the report provides an in-depth analysis and insights into the pharmaceutical R&D trends in the global and Asia-Pacific regions in 2023, and proposes an outlook for the future global R&D pattern. In the report, the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies by R&D pipeline size were listed. CSPC was selected into the list for the first time, ranking 23rd. 

As far as we know, this report has been released for a total of 31 issues since 1993. The associated data involved in the report primarily came from Pharmaprojects®, a product tool of Citeline, which has been tracking global drug development since 1980. According to the data of Pharmaprojects®, China's pharmaceutical R&D market is a dark horse in the global stable market, which not only holds the title of the world's second largest pharmaceutical R&D country, but also has a rapid development momentum. As of April 2023, China has a total of 5402 drug pipelines, an increase of 23.22% from the number of pipelines in 2022, accounting for 23.6% of the global number of pipelines, far exceeding the 5.89% growth of global pipelines. Moreover, China is also catching up in the R&D of innovative drug candidates, with a total of 1,457 drug candidates in 2022, ranking second. 

The shortlisting is inseparable from CSPC's long-term great importance to R&D. In 2022, CSPC invested RMB 4 billion in R&D. In 2023, CSPC continues its high investment in scientific research, and its R&D investment continued to reach double-digit growth in the first quarter. 

Today, CSPC has a high-end R&D team composed of more than 2,000 scientists. It has established eight technology platforms represented by the world's leading nano-preparation drug platform and mRNA platform, with the R&D pipelines covering many cutting-edge and hot targets in the industry. In the future, more than 40 innovative drugs and new formulation drugs will be put on the market, which can effectively support the high-quality development of the Group. 

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