CSPC Receives MSCI ESG A Rating for Three Consecutive Years

November 23, 2023

Recently, MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International), the international authoritative index company, released its latest annual ESG rating results.

CSPC has received an A rating for three consecutive years, continuing to lead the industry.

MSCI is an international company that provides global indices and related derivative financial products. The MSCI index and ESG rating reports it releases are widely referenced by investors. The MSCI ESG rating report is an authoritative standard in the investment community for evaluating companies' Environmental, Social, and Governance.

In recent years, CSPC has been deeply in line with the new development concept proposed in the Report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continuously strengthening management and enhancing the connotation of sustainable development. The company has established a top-down ESG improvement mechanism, incorporating ESG work into the performance evaluation of senior management, actively referring to stakeholders' opinions on significant issues, and consulting international peers' experiences to promote the deep integration of ESG into various operations and management of the company.

In terms of environmental protection, the group actively responds to China's dual-carbon goal to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, adhering to the environmental protection management policy of "prevention first, emission reduction at the source, continuous improvement, compliant operation, and the construction of green factories". It closely centers on the "green and sustainable development" strategy and leads the company's green and low-carbon transformation. The group currently has 3 national-level "green factories", 2 provincial-level green factories, and 3 provincial-level water-saving enterprise titles.

In terms of social contribution, CSPC has implemented a four-level (group level, company level, department level, and team level) quality assurance system and has a professional quality management team responsible for managing the quality control and assurance of each member company's work, ensuring that product quality has been consistently at the industry-leading level. The group has established a sound and standardized human resource management system, strengthened the employment and retention of talents from diverse backgrounds, and created an inclusive and equal corporate culture. Employees are gender-balanced and structurally stable, and the overall level of education has improved. In addition to focusing on employee development, CSPC has also implemented the "CSPC Family" assistance project, aiming at providing selfless assistance to employees who are in economic difficulty due to major illnesses, accidents, or educational needs involving themselves and their immediate family members.

Regarding corporate governance, CSPC adheres to innovation-driven high-quality development, with an annual research and development investment of RMB 4 billion, constantly industrializing innovative drugs and driving the enterprise towards first-class domestic and international recognition. The group has been listed in the top 50 pharmaceutical companies globally for three consecutive years by the American magazine Pharm Exec, and by Citeline as one of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in terms of global pharmaceutical research and development pipeline scale.

In the future, CSPC will continue to adhere to the development path of creating a green, harmonious, and sustainable ESG, benchmarking against excellent international peers, continuously self-renovating, and expanding the depth and breadth of corporate development through internal growth to continuously provide high-quality products and contribute to the strength of China for human health. 

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