CSPC Ranks Among Top 15 Value-leading Chinese Listed Innovative Drug Companies

April 18, 2024

On March 28, the 2024 PMC Healthcare Investment and Financing Transaction Conference & the 2nd Pharmcube TOP15 List Release Conference were successfully held in Shanghai.

The conference incorporated the list of Top 15 Value-leading Chinese Listed Innovative Drug Companies, and CSPC was on the list.

The PMC Awards Top 15 relies on Pharmcube's complete pharmaceutical industry chain database and unique quantitative evaluation model system. Different data evaluation dimensions are set for each list to minimize the subjective factors as much as possible, thereby ensuring a highly data-oriented selection process.

The list of the top 15 value-leading Chinese listed innovative drug companies comprehensively evaluates the market value of listed innovative drug companies in terms of transactions and mergers, launch of new drugs, new pipelines, NDA applications, and capital market returns of such companies in 2023.

In 2023, CSPC continued to increase its R&D input, while registering an ever-growing R&D efficiency and maintaining a high market value. In 2023, CSPC's R&D investment reached RMB 4.83 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 21.2%, accounting for 18.8% of the income from its patent medicine business. Since the beginning of 2023, 4 innovative drugs (including new indications) and 1 special preparation have been approved for marketing. The approval of new products and their sustained, mass sales have laid a solid foundation for the growth of the Group's sales revenue and contributed to a more balanced product portfolio across various therapeutic areas.

Beyond that, the Group has 5 innovative drugs/special preparations with marketing authorization applications accepted, and has obtained 17 first-in-class indications of innovative drugs under research, clinical trial approvals for 24 new indications, and registration approvals for 8 generics. What's more, a drug has been designated as a breakthrough therapy.

Meanwhile, in North America, the Group has 2 innovative drugs/special preparations with marketing authorization applications accepted and has obtained clinical trial approvals for 5 first-in-class indications of innovative drugs under research, with a drug being grated with Fast Track designation.

Currently, the Group has 60+ key drugs under research that have been in the stages of clinical trial or clinical application, 7 of which have submitted marketing authorization applications, and 18 are in the clinical stage of registration. Several of these drugs are blockbusters with global patents and great market value.

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