Cheng Yixuan from CSPC Honored as "Shijiazhuang Craftsman"

May 01, 2024

On April 28, the establishment of "Shijiazhuang Craftsman's Day" and the second "Shijiazhuang Craftsman" recognition release conference were held at the Shijiazhuang People's Hall, with sustained applause and a lively atmosphere prevailing in the hall. Cheng Yixuan, a technician from the Workshop 100 of CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was honored as the 2024 Shijiazhuang Craftsman, together with 100 excellent highly-skilled workers from all walks of life in Shijiazhuang. These craftsmen gathered together to share the glory of their labor and welcome this commemorative May Day.

Craftsmen are a new force to promote high-quality development, a pillar for industrial upgrading, and a magic booster for enterprise development. In order to better select excellent representatives of highly-skilled talent and accelerate the development of highly-skilled personnel, Shijiazhuang initiated the selection of Shijiazhuang Craftsman in October 2022. Such selection is conducted every two years for workers directly engaged in skilled work in front-line positions, as well as eligible freelancers. On the occasion of the second Shijiazhuang Craftsman recognition, Shijiazhuang officially established this April 27 as its first "Shijiazhuang Craftsman's Day".

At this moment, Cheng Yixuan, working in front-line production for 14 years, felt deeply honored and excited in her heart. Cheng Yixuan took the floor during the award presentation as a representative. She said that she felt honored and had a sense of responsibility in being awarded as Shijiazhuang Craftsman. Henceforward, she would keep honor and responsibility in mind and continuously improve her skills to make greater contributions to the development of the Company and the city. Besides, she would combine the corporate mission of "All for better medicine, all for a healthier world" with the spirit of Shijiazhuang Craftsman, devote herself to leading breakthroughs in Shijiazhuang's bio-pharmaceutical industry and the high-quality development of new quality productivity, and live up to the title of highly-skilled talent in Shijiazhuang.

Over the past 14 years, Cheng Yixuan has stuck to her post and stayed committed to improving product quality and production efficiency with a consistent craftsman spirit, reducing costs and improving efficiency for the Company and producing good drugs for society. In 2021, Cheng Yixuan was assigned to improve the quality of dronedarone hydrochloride tablets. She led the team in carrying out continuous process exploration and production practice and determining the technical transformation approach of the product, which raised the product yield by 4.46%, achieving a cost reduction of nearly RMB one million in just 9 months. Furthermore, Cheng Yixuan also led the team in constructing Workshop 100, China's first unmanned intelligent oral solid preparation workshop, and assisted the workshop in successfully passing China's GMP certification in June 2023, gaining market competitiveness for the Company.

Cheng Yixuan is the winner of "Shijiazhuang Craftsman" and the epitome of many CSPC employees. As a pharmaceutical company with drug innovation, research and development and manufacturing at its core, CSPC treats quality as the enterprise lifeline and product quality as the first core competitiveness. Historically, all the staff of CSPC have adhered to the quality policy of "To be a premier pharmaceutical company by intelligent manufacturing with craftsman spirit and quality priority" and the quality concept of "Production of love and delivery of health", and implemented the quality culture of "Devoted to making reliable drugs". CSPC has continued to achieve international top standards in terms of quality systems, continuously introduced advanced intelligent management systems, and carried out the automated upgrading of production systems, striving to supply high-quality, safe and controllable drugs for patients.



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