A Special Inspection

September 04, 2022

“How many workers are on duty today? Is there any abnormality in temperature monitoring? Have you cleaned and disinfected the facilities? Are there any difficulties in production?” These are the questions that the “epidemic supervisors” of CSPC Weisheng Pharmaceutical asks and deals with every day. This is of course only a small part of the epidemic prevention measures taken by the company. After resuming work and production, CSPC Weisheng has been strictly implementing measures at each level to prevent and control the epidemic, carrying out production in a tense and orderly manner while ensuring the safety of all employees.

May 2020 saw a significant improvement in the epidemic situation in China, and CSPC Weisheng was about to have its first OU Kosher inspection since the outbreak of the epidemic.

OU Kosher is the world’s largest Kosher certification agency, and the inspector assigned to CSPC Weisheng comes from the United States, one of the hardest hit areas during the epidemic.

How can they pass the inspection without leaving themselves vulnerable to the epidemic?

“Do you have WeChat?We can use that,” the inspector suggested.

Luckily, it turned out that Americans also use WeChat.

They added each other on WeChat, scheduled the time and process, and finalized the various details of the very first online inspection.

It was drizzling outside that day. The tiny raindrops hitting the ground sounded like a waltz in the background. The employees in charge of the inspection were waiting at the first stop early in the morning. They called the inspector on WeChat precisely at the agreed time and began a clear, immersive online inspection.

With a small umbrella in their hands, they faced the camera as if the inspector was right there with them. They took close-up and wide-angle shots to fully present how the facilities were functioning and how workers were operating the equipment on site, while responding to the inspector’s constant inquiries.

Since the factory occupies a large area with each link of production located far apart from each other, the employees were constantly on the go, running from place to place to ensure real-time transmission of video images. One minute they were in the solid material warehouse, and the next minute, they stood at the door to the workshop. And before you know it, they arrived at the finished product delivery platform.

To avoid awkward silence in between, the employees asked how the inspector was feeling and explained material placement and management principles, ending the on-site inspection on a happy note. According to the Kosher inspector, CSPC Weisheng managed to continue production in compliance with laws and regulations during the epidemic and operated methodically. He spoke positively of the company’s on-site management.

In the end, CSPC Weisheng Pharmaceutical lived up to expectations and passed the inspection with success.

With our footsteps, we are measuring every link in the production process, and our employees are returning to work in an orderly manner. As the tender warmth of spring melts down the epidemic-stricken coldness of winter, summer is picking up its pace. Eventually, we will sound the trumpet and embrace the dawn of victory. 

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