CSPC Open Day Showcases Innovation Achievements

September 14, 2021

“As a senior student at Hebei Medical University, I wanted to see what a pharmaceutical company really looks like, so I signed up immediately when I saw the recruitment on WeChat.”

“Both my parents work at the R&D department of CSPC, and I’m curious about their workplace.”

“I’m an investor, and I often read about CSPC making progress in R&D. I can see it by myself today.”

The visitors exchanged their intention to sign up at the CSPC Open Day on September 14.

The theme of the event is “Visit CSPC, Share Innovation”. More than ten people, including college students, teachers, investors, employees’ family members, and media representatives, were invited to visit the group.

At the Central Institute of Pharmaceutical Research of CSPC, the work environment of researchers was unveiled before visitors. “I studied pharmaceutical analysis in college. I’m so thrilled to see equipment like the high-performance liquid chromatograph, which was presented by my teachers and CSPC researchers before.”

Through on-site explanation, visitors got to know the innovation-driven development of CSPC. They marveled at the fact that CSPC invests nearly 3 billion yuan in R&D annually, and has invented generic versions of high-priced drugs made by foreign peers. They honored CSPC s the pride of Hebei.

Undertaking the mission of developing strategic products of the Group, the Central Institute of Pharmaceutical Research has built a technological system with independent intellectual property in areas including computer-aided drug design, targeted liposome preparations, oral sustained-release preparations and new pharmaceutical excipients. CSPC is the only enterprise with national qualifications in seven R&D fields, and has established partnerships with many research institutions in China, Europe and America.

CSPC Open Day

In the computer-aided drug design analysis lab, visitors took a close look at cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies. Through a pair of special “glasses”, visitors were stunned by the 3D images of the molecular structure of drugs showing every detail of the molecules as tiny as dust particles. “Advanced drug development is nothing new in news reports, but I never expect it to be so intelligent,” Xiao Han told another visitor.

Subsequently, visitors took a bus to the First Manufacturing Center of CSPC, where they visited the production workshop of butylphthalide soft capsules and the three-dimensional logistics warehouse. The First Manufacturing Center is a production base of high-end preparations. And its workshops were built with “intelligent manufacturing” and “internationalization” in mind and in compliance with the high standards of Europe and America, boasting advanced digital production lines and intelligent production and logistics systems. Visitors were all deeply impressed by the clean production environment, the integrated production line from ingredients to packaging and the skillful robot palletizers.

“As a Hebei-based pharmaceutical company with a global vision, CSPC is driven by innovation which has accelerated its development and transformation. We are glad to introduce CSPC and Chinese pharmaceutical innovation to more people and show them the magic of innovation at CSPC,” said the person in charge of the event.

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